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Mixing and Mastering
Artwork for Aenosis: klick

Nightmarer - Artwork for the upcoming Full-Length

Evilyn - TBA
Work has begun! More info soon ...

Coma Cluster Void - Artwork, Mixing and Mastering for new Demo-Single

Nightmarer - upcoming EP with Cover Artwork by Magma Art&Sound!
Nightmarer's new record is now open for pre-order! The Artwork was done by Magma Art&Sound. Link:

Cathexis - Untethered Abyss
Cathexis' new record is now open for pre-order! Reamping and Mixing by Magma Art&Sound.
Check it out:

Sneak: Artwork for Nightmarer's upcoming EP

Evilyn - inside shells
Evilyn just released their first album! Re-amping, mixing, mastering and artwork by Magma Art&Sound!

Akurion - Come Forth To Me
Listen to "Leave Them Scars":

Re-Amping and Mixing work on the upcoming Cathexis Album has begun ...

Sick Drummer Magazine – Favorite Drumming Albums of 2019
Fawn Limb's "Harm Remissions", mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound, is one of Sick Drummer Magazine's Favourite Drumming Albums of 2019!
No samples, triggers, etc. were used. A completely natural approach to make acoustic metal drums as brutal as possible.

Fawn Limbs - Harm Remission
The full-length by Fawn Limbs: "Harm Remissions". Once again re-amped, mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound.
Check it out:

Thoren - Gwarth II
Gwarth II - currently re-amped, mixed and mastered. Responsible for the drums are again Alex Cohen (Imperial Triumphant, Malignancy, Pyrrhon) and Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant). Stay tuned! Update:

Fawn Limbs - Love Will Strangle You Forever
Surprise song release by Fawn Limbs - re-amped, mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound:

McKinnon Drum Solo - Quick Mix
Quick (all natural) mix for Tommy McKinnon (Empire de Mu, Coma Cluster Void, Ex-Nauraxis), enjoy:

Hyäne Fischer - Im Rausch der Zeit
Unusual project for Magma Art&Sound: The mix and master for Hyäne Fischer: Im Rausch der Zeit.

Fawn Limbs again!
Fawn Limbs just finished the recordings for their next release. It's going to be reamped, mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound again. Update:

Fawn Limbs - Towing Heads
Fawn Limb's debut EP "Towing Heads" just got finished being reamped, mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound. The duo consists of Lee Fisher (Psyopus, Commit Suicide) and Eeli Helin (Mireplaner). Update:

Thoren - Gwarth I
Thoren's upcoming Album will be reamped, mixed and mastered by Magma Art & Sound again. Alex Cohen (Imperial Triumphant, Malignancy, Pyrrhon) and Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant) are currently at Solitude Studios for tracking drums. Update:

Akurion - Come Forth To Me
Magma Art & Sound is currently reamping, mixing and mastering Montreal based band Akurion's long awaited debut album. The members’ names speak for themselves: Akurion is comprised of Mike DiSalvo (Coma Cluster Void, ex-Cryptopsy), Rob Milley (Neuraxis, Phobocosm), Tommy McKinnon (Conflux, Augury, Ex-Neuraxis) and Oli Pinard (Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Vengeful). It also features guests Genevieve DiSalvo (Coma Cluster Void), Jean-Marie Leblanc (Vengeful), Lord Worm (Ex-Cryptopsy), and Luc Lemay (Gorguts)!
Press Voices
"very gritty production perfect for this EP" - Jessie Musicposting McGuckin (about Evilyn - inside shells)

"epic cover art" - metal injection (about the artwork for Evilyn - inside shells)

"... insane artwork, which represents the heterogeneous nature of the compilation wonderfully!" - can this even be called music (about the artwork for ctebcm 8)

Production: 9/10 - metal-temple (about Akurin - Come Forth To Me)

"The massive yet raw production quality makes it sound alive and organic as well as powerful and visceral, unleashing a massive amount of energy." - metal-observer (about Akurion - Come Forth To Me)

"The production on the album offers a sense of primal rawness, whilst still maintaining an organic feel amidst the calculated attack of the band's musicianship. The album's mix also allows for each instrument to be heard distinctly and shine clearly. This further enhances the overall ferocity and barrage thrown at the listener when the play button is hit. The tones of the guitars on the album are disgustingly twisted and the bass has a pulverizing brooding boom. I'm especially drawn to the percussion section, as the drum sound packs one hell of a punch. I also really enjoy the jagged roughness that is captured within the vocals." - openmindsaturatedbrain (about Fawn Limbs - Harm Remissions)

"The bass sounds huge!!!!" - Olivier Pinard (about Akurion - Come Forth To Me)

"... big ups to the artwork, which is fucking cool, really sick. I need that merch only for the artwork ..." -  the heavyist podcast (about Mireplaner - A Mountain of Saola Hooves)

"Every element of this seriously sick EP sounds fantastic, from the dirty overdriven bass and the piercing shrieks from the high-register of the guitar, to every single panned tom hit." - heavyblogisheavy (about Fawn Limbs - Languor)

"It's produced like a f*cking bulldozer!" - the heavyist podcast (about Fawn Limbs - Towing Heads)

"The mix is fantastic." - between the lines (about Fawn Limbs - Towing Heads)

"Jeanne always produces top-notch quality services, and I highly recommend working with her to everyone. The turnaround is incredible, and I've always been extremely pleased with the outcome. Her skill set is colossal; For me, Jeanne has done re-amping, mixing, mastering and artworks, and I will without question continue to work with her in the future." - Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs, Mireplaner)

"I have been nothing but 100% satisfied with everything Magma studios has done for me." - Anthony Columbus (Wolcott Falls, Scrails)

"Jeanne did an excellent job for us and provided our noisy deathgrind band with a suitable production that we couldn't have put into words but always hoped for. Plus she's a super cool dudette who's perfectly easy to work with!" - Clemens Maik (Dekrepitation)

"My experience working with Jeanne at Magma Studios was incredible. She is a true professional who knows her craft completely and knew exactly what we were going for without us even having to tell her. I plan on working with her for the foreseeable future and recommend her services to anyone who is interested in taking their music to the next level." - Anthony Lipari (Thoren)

"Amazing work by amazing people. Too good! Can't wait for future work with them." - Ben Johnson (Dimensionless, Selfdestructionist)

"Quality was unreal, turnaround time was awesome. Will definitely work with them again in the future." - Austin Taylor (Dimensionless, Selfdestructionist)

"... 'Human Veil' boasts a massive production (... 'Human Weil' kann mit einer wuchtigen Produktion aufwarten ...)" - Metal Hammer (about Masuria - Human Veil)

"Excellent communication throughout the collaboration. Very fast realisation with maximum quality. Highly Recommended. We are more than satisfied and very grateful for the great end result! (Ausgezeichnete Kommunikation während der gesamten Zusammenarbeit. Sehr schnelle Umsetzung und Arbeit bei maximaler Qualität. Absolut empfehlenswert. Wir sind mehr als zufrieden und sehr dankbar für das großartige Endergebnis!)" - Florian Friedrich (Calliophis)

"... In general, the album is very modern and crystal clear produced, it is a pleasure to hear every instrument perfectly worked out ... The guitar sound is reminiscent of the 90s, and thus to the zenith of the genre (... generell ist das Album sehr modern und vor allem kristallklar produziert, es ist eine Freude, jedes Instrument geradezu perfekt herausgearbeitet zu hören ... Der Gitarrensound erinnert an die 90er, und damit an die Hochzeiten des Genres)" - streetclip (über Calliophis - Cor Serpentis)

Fan Voices
"Bought this without hearing a second of the music solely based on the artwork. Wow. That cover's really beautiful and troubling at the same time." - (about the artwork for Mireplaner - A Mountain of Saola Hooves)

"The design is flawless, this might be the best cover I’ve seen in my entire life." - (about the artwork for Mireplaner - A Mountain of Saola Hooves)

"The art is so beautiful and bleak at the same time." - (about the artwork for Mireplaner - A Mountain of Saola Hooves)

"Love the colours and how the theme connects to the cover of 'Diapiric'. That’s art surpassing all boundaries." - (about the artwork for Mireplaner - A Mountain of Saola Hooves)

"honestly never wanted an album art print more than this one" - (about the artwork for Evilyn - inside shells)

"... this is great. it sounds like an actual band with real people playing real instruments." - (about Cathexis - Untethered Abyss)

"It also sounds impecable, natural yet tight. And that bass has no right sounding that good." - (about Cathexis - Untethered Abyss)
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